Alcool Buongusto (95 ° alcohol) and 65 ° alcohol-based gel...

extraordinarily some of our alcohol-based products available as an alternative to the usual disinfectant products.

To deal with the emergency situation and the numerous requests received, from today we are making our Alcohol Buongusto 95 ° and a 65 ° Gel made with ethyl alcohol, available for purchase for use as a disinfectant.
A brief explanation of the power of alcohol: being it a solvent, when it comes into contact with the various microorganisms it alters the chemical and protein structure of their enzymes, thus preventing the aforementioned microorganisms from performing their functions. In practice, alcohol destroys these substances, or rather a good part of them. We want to specify that ours is an alcohol for food use but which maintains the same disinfectant characteristics as denatured alcohol.

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Gustoso Food

Latina - 20th-21st april 2016

Distillerie Ruffini partecipated on 20th and 21st to Gustoso Food 2016.

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CE assigned on 04/04/16 to Distillerie Ruffini srl the recognition number CE IT AAE 25 for production activities, packaging, aromas storage, additives storage and packaging.


March 2016

Video recipe with the pastry chef Maurizio Di Mario



February 2016

The new laboratory for the quality control will be operative soon.


May 2015

Distillerie Ruffini is present at Expo2015, "Casa delle eccellenze" Florence.

1965 - 2015

50 years of Distillerie Ruffini

Since 1965 to improve quality and innovation. For this occasion Distillerie Ruffini created two new products: L'Alchimista and Anne Bonny.